Valetude  means  “Strength of Health”

The Valetude name was chosen as a symbol of our commitment to providing software and services that will increase financial strength of our client hospitals.   Our flexible, customizable software assists you in pursuing additional revenue generating opportunities at each level of the revenue cycle.   The software also helps improve workflow and to quantify and verify cost-cutting and revenue-enhancing results.


Together we achieve results by:

Providing a Fully Integrated Suite of Flexible Revenue Cycle Modules

A one-time configuration of a contract modeling module serves multiple purposes across the revenue cycle:

  • Helps compare actual reimbursements from payers with what contracts say
  • Providing the foundation for “What If” analyses needed to determine the impacts of pricing and other changes.
  • Estimating the additional reimbursement associated with missed charges, to help in deciding which claims to re-bill.

Building a Revenue Integrity Team Focused on Results

The Valetude Revenue Cycle Team, paired with software engineers who routinely develop highly customized solutions, brings over 20 years of Healthcare Revenue Cycle experience.  This expertise is critical to helping you develop an integrated team that can measure and drive results that are meaningful and accessible.

  • As hospital Revenue Cycle leaders, we understand that it is Results you Need, not more software.
  • We prefer to sell results versus software tool features and functions.


Structuring Software and Solution Services Around Realizing Results

Valetude provides solutions that address the immediate needs of providers to realize net revenue generating opportunities and maintain processes that will be flexible and responsive as needs change.
Workflow enhancing tools help to ensure maximum results:

  • Automated scorecards, so more time is spent on finding dollars rather than counting dollars.
  • Performance monitoring tools that efficiently drive production by identifying backlogs and quantifying their value.

Providing Service that is Accessible, and Responsive

  • Clients have immediate access to programming support which provides: customized modules, process automation, analytic support, workflow consultation, and report customization.
  • We can also supply experienced analysts to either pursue identified opportunities directly, or guide your team in use of the software to examine individual accounts and capture net revenue.

Valetude provides solutions that drive results and focus efforts.


Accessible and Responsive

Business Analytics

Visualize Results and Focus Efforts

Prototyping and Assessment

Minimize Risk with Proven Results

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