Validate Proposed Pricing Adjustments

Valetude Price Transparency Modeling uses detailed contract reimbursement logic to accurately predict the impact of hypothetical charge master price changes on net revenue.  Calculations are performed using actual patient data- no reliance on black box statistical modeling.  Using extensive modeling of your contracts and cost accounting data (if applicable), we allow you to model, predict, and track results of small to large scale pricing changes.  We help you move to pricing transparency by accurately modeling the impact of changing thousands of CDM prices up and down as you migrate to your desired pricing model.


Common modeling scenarios include:

  •  Charge Master pricing changes
  •  Impact of an alternate default revenue code for select Charge Master items
  •  Splitting a single Charge Master into multiple Charge Master items
  •  Standardized cost mark-up


“What-if” scenarios can be summarized by virtually any patient classification scheme, whether by department, procedure, or cost center.  A detailed “hypothetical UB” and contract proration summary are produced for each patient, providing a clear understanding of results.


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