Validate your Contract Management 

Valetude Contract Modeling provides a comprehensive view of the impact that your payer contracts have on revenue.  Contract data loaded into the Valetude software system provides estimated reimbursements by account.  Details for each account are summarized to highlight expected reimbursements and specific contract clauses affecting those reimbursements.  Results of patient reimbursement estimates are itemized, providing transparency and tools for staff to use in researching underpayments.


Model proposed managed care contract to calculate an expected outcome:

  • Modify existing contract (or create new) in Valetude to model proposed contract terms against account history.
  • Run multiple “What-If” analysis to adjust contract terms to estimate contract value during negotiations.
  • Identify high impact and low impact contract term changes.
  • Use to build negotiating strategy with detailed understanding of sensitivity of key rates and terms including knowledge of thresholds.  Where do seemingly small changes incur a multiplier effect?



Accessible and Responsive

Business Analytics

Visualize Results and Focus Efforts

Prototyping and Assessment

Minimize Risk with Proven Results

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