Reimbursement Engine – Tools that Drive Results

The core of our revenue cycle tool suite is the Reimbursement Calculation Engine.  By accurately modeling your top contracts, we help to generate one set of expected payment data which is then leveraged to provide critical data for all Valetude modules.  Instead of having to configure and maintain multiple contract modeling tools, we allow you to leverage one tool for your revenue cycle needs.  Clients use our fully integrated reimbursement engine to perform the following:


  • Underpayment analysis
  • Month-end contractual allowance reserving
  • Charge Capture functionality
  • POS estimates
  • Pricing transparency modeling


"The integration of reimbursement engine helps us deliver results efficiently across many revenue cycle projects.  This modeling tool allows us to ask "What if?" questions for billing and has resulted in changes beyond simple addition of charges providing $2M+ additional net revenue."

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Asst. Director, Revenue Cycle Management


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