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Key factors driving the need for business analytics are the rapidly growing volume and complexity of data needed to make effective decisions and the requirement for employees to do more with less. Business users need more information quickly to make timely and effective decisions in today’s complex healthcare reimbursement environment.

In a January 2010 report, Gartner, Inc. pointed to growing demand among business organizations for  “data discovery tool architecture” that not only provides end users with data and reports, but also enables them to navigate and visualize the data in a “surf and save” mode. This means that data views deemed valuable are stored for reuse or sharing.

These tools are being put to any number of uses:

  • for predictive insights
  • to bring business analytic information to non-technical users
  • to accommodate high-level analysts who need ad-hoc reports right away
  • to allow different types of users to collaborate and share information and views


Some software providers claim to provide custom reporting but offer little support and require lengthy lead-times.  Valetude produces these reports upon request.


Dashboard example:



Valetude is constantly striving to implement cutting-edge technology, not for technology’s sake, but in pursuit of a user-experience that is second to none.  One of the latest initiatives at Valetude is improving data-visualization techniques.  Pie-charts and bar-graphs have been around for years, and while they serve an important purpose, they have limitations.  To efficiently display the ever-increasing volumes of data in a manner that is effective for the user, we have introduced the TreeMap. This technology was originally developed at the University of Maryland to display large quantities of data on a single screen.  We have enhanced this technology and applied it to the data-analysis challenges faced by our clients.  This visualization capability is embedded in Valetude modules to give users the ability to quickly customize graphs, particularly when there is a desire to convey three dimensions (data elements) in one graph.


 TreeMap example:



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