Corporate Background

Valetude started out as a division of a parent company which has provided software and services for over 30 years. Founded in 1978, the company initially developed integrated financial management software to project-oriented organizations requiring highly customized solutions not otherwise available in the marketplace.  This experience has expanded over the years to include extensive services for:


Enterprise Software

  Healthcare Revenue Cycle

  School Information Management

  Accounting and Management Reporting

  Channel Partner Management

  Electronic Publishing

Systems Integration

Relational Database Management Systems

Data Warehousing and Transaction Processing

Business Process and Analytical Consulting Services

Data Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL9)


Today, Valetude is an established LLC and is a proven entity in healthcare with respect to:

  • Understanding data and how to package it into useful information that improves decision-making and supports more efficient work flow for Charge Capture, Account Settlement, and Point-of-Service collections.
  • Providing sophisticated analyses with reports and graphics for executive level summaries, along with drill down to details at any level, such as individual charge line items.
  • The ability to respond quickly and at reasonable cost to new request for reports and database enhancements.


Business/Technology Model

We believe our exceptional combination of State-of-the-Art Technologies, Customized/Tailored Solutions, and Premium Service provide our healthcare clients the appropriate tools to optimize revenue and operational efficiency.  In addition, our commitment to Flexible Software/Database Architecture and Systems Integration allow us to accommodate clients’ ever-changing needs at a reasonable cost and with quick delivery.


Client Partnership Focus

Our focus on product and service provides the foundation for long-term client relationships.  We are a service organization that writes its own software, vs. a product organization that also offers some services.  As a result, we are positioned to address individual client revenue cycle needs today and in the future.


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